Field Service

Karsten Moholt’s department for Field Service travels worldwide to perform commissioning, rewinding, maintenance,  inspections and condition monitoring on electrical machinery and related equipment in the field. 

The department has service technicians and service engineers with multidiscipline background and wide experience from complicated service assignments in the workshop and in the field. The response time is short and Karsten Moholt can usually be virtually anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Typical assignments may be replacing the bearings, balancing, shaft alignment, rewinding and machining, transformer, motor or generator repairs, high voltage and vibration measurements and thermography.

Our emergency response contact number:

24/7: +47 46 85 55 35

Some examples of our service asignments carried out by Karsten Moholt's field service department the past 6 months: 

7 technicians performed electromechanical work related
to class renewal aboard Ramform Explorer. Control of
generators and bearing replacement on the bow thruster.

2 engineers travelled to Uruguay to carry out a bearing
replacement on a generator on board Ocean Explorer.
Commissioning of an AVR for a generator set, carried out
by two service technicians.
3 mechanics carried out a bearing replacement and a
lignment of a generator, and inspected gears on Berge
Bearing replacement and alignment of propulsion engine.
Four men worked on board the vessel Geo Coral.
Electromechanical tasks related to class renewal: control
of generators, transformers, converters and bow thrusters
on board Ramform Vanguard.
3 winders rewound and repaired a hydro electrical
generator at Niingen power station.
4 service engineers carried out electromechanical tasks
related to classification of Ramform Challenger.
Two engineers worked on purging draw-work engines.