Elin Heggø

The story about Elin was published in several magazines June 2014

Full speed ahead
- with 100% commitment

“I can still clearly remember when I started
as a part-time receptionist. By the end of my
first day, I was asked if I want to help solve other tasks. The only thing to do was to join the
Karsten Moholt spirit: full speed ahead and
100% commitment,” says Elin.

After several years at the front desk, Elin received new challenges in the workshop office, where her organisational skills, highly recognised by the company, were needed. “In addition to working on the front desk, Elin also carried out the final inspection of our quality assurance reports. I soon noticed that she was editing mistakes in the report that you normally wouldn’t see without a technical education,” explains Tord Glesnes, workshop manager at Karsten Moholt. “Elin has a flair for the technical aspects, and this combined with her meticulous accuracy, has been a resounding success,” says Tord.

Elin’s success in the workshop office prompted the company to seek more female candidates to this department. “It is important to have women in the workshop. Their presence creates a positive
atmosphere and a better working environment,” confirms Tord, and continues: “The fact that the four women are extremely good at their jobs also helps.”
“I enjoy working for the workshop office. I have visited most of the different workshop departments, writing quality assurance reports or working on projects involving classification of rigs. I now know absolutely what is expected at each stage,” says Elin.

“My job consists of prioritising the work required when an engine or generator arrives. I have to plan the job and ensure that operations are running on parallel in several parts of the workshop so we can minimise working hours spent on the engine or generator. I have to make sure that we keep to the customer’s schedule, at the same time as ensuring everything we send out complies with Karsten Moholt’s level of quality: in other words - better than new,” she continues.

“I feel like I am one of the guys, but I think most of them think of me as a slightly strict mother hen. I like to be accurate at work and am passionate about doing things right to get the perfect end result. There is nothing that can be done halfway in our company. You have to go at things at full speed and with 100 % commitment. When we start on an urgent job, I have to make sure we extend our crew to the limit in order to shorten the delivery time
to the customer. At the same time, we have to make sure every worker is met with respect and is appreciated,” says Elin and continues: “That is why I also decided to act as a representative for our trade union, Fellesforbundet. Karsten Moholt is an exciting company to work for,”
“Elin is the perfect example of how trust and new assignments are won by those who are willing to go the extra mile,” says Tord.


The workshop office is between our 2 workshops and Elin spend most of her day in the workshop or in the office


For good results its important to have a good dialog between the workshop office and the workers


3 of 4 women at the workshop office.
From the left: Kjersti Landro Henriksen, Elin Heggø og Elin Grønås

Contact information Elin Heggø

Cell: +47 926 32 251

E-mail: elin.heggo@karsten-moholt.no