Taking Alignment to a new level!

Exciting news from Alignment Department

Henrik Reiersen, leader of Alignment Department, and service engineer Trond Hole were recently in Germany for geometric alignment training at Pruftechnik headquarters. The course included training on the following products:
Centralign (bore alignment)
Levalign (levelling, flatness, parallelism)
Inclineo (levelness, flatness, plumbness - based around a high-precision inclinometer)
Pentalign (perpendicularity and paralellism)
Hydralign (fluid based system for continuous monitoring of levelness on machine foundations, bulidings, etc)
Permalign (laser based monitoring of relative machine movement)
Alignment Center (Pruftechnik's unique alignment software)
The course ended with the issuing of certificates, as pictured.
Market research will determine what services we need to be able to offer, and thus what equipment will be in stock at Karsten Moholt.