3rd Vibration course for Stena this year

In week 42 Condition Monitoring department leader Tommy Glesnes held already 7th ISO Category I Certified Vibration Training course this year.

This time it was a course for Stena Drilling crew and so far Stena Drilling had three vibration courses this year. 
ISO Category I course combines theory and interactive assignments with Pruftechnic instruments. Participants went away with a solid understanding of why we monitor the condition of rotating machinery (and other critical assets), the importance of improved reliability, and how the vibration can be successfully measured and analyzed to provide an early warning of a wide range of fault conditions.

Training course ends with an exam which awards participants who have more than 6 months of experience monitoring vibration with ISO18436-2 Certificate.
If you are interested in a similar in-house course held at your company, please contact or follow updates on our website for the course calendar.