Minister of Defense visits Karsten Moholt

On Wednesday 31st of August Minister of Defense Grethe Faremo visited Karsten Moholt's department in Askøy.

Karsten Moholt was one of two companies chosen for the visit by the Minister Grethe Faremo and the group leading her that day. Delegation of six started a visit with a short presentation of company's history and an overview of the current situation of the company.

After presentation followed a tour to the department of heavy machinery where delegation had a chance to see the work flow in the workshop handling some of Norway's largest electrical machines. The tour was ended with a presentation of Condition Monitoing department by department's leader Tommy Glesnes who introduced the guests to the advanced technologies used to determine the condition of the machinery remotely and on site.

Minister Grethe Faremo and her delegation showed a genuine interest in the company and it's services and for us in Karsten Moholt it was a pleasure to introduce the company to the governmental level.