CONFERENCE: Mission Possible

How to stay competetiv and effectiv as an industry? Attend the Mission Possible conference and find out together with our outstanding speakers

Norwegian industry has always been brave, innovative and the forefront of technology. This has  taken our nation far, and made Norway a good place to live.

Today, we face issues related to effectiveness and competitiveness that need to bee adresses if we are to stay ahead.

There are no reason why these challenges cannot be overcome so we as a nation our promitent position in the future.

What are these issues and how do we overcome them? Attend the mission possible conference and find out together with our speakers: 
Minister of finance Monica Mæland
Anders Opedal, Senior Vice president, Statoil
Erling Matland, EVP, Aibel
Bjørnar Iversen, CEO, Songa Offshore
Asle Solheim, CEO, Bergen Group
Linn Moholt, CEO, Karsten Moholt
Geir Storaas, Executive vice president, TTS Group
Morten Walde, President and CEO, Beerenberg
Jan Erik Nyrud, Principal manager, Yara Norge
Thore Andersen, Norwegian electric committee
Thaison Vu, EX-manager, Karsten Moholt
Eivind Solvang, Research Scientist, SINTEF
Arne Hammer, COO Production, Karsten Moholt
Tommy Glesnes, COO CM, Karsten Moholt
Knut Vindenes, CEO. Uptime Centre of Competence
Petter Dramstad, Head of Market Development, Siemens

In the evening there will be the Grand Opening of our new premises.  Champagne and lighter refreshments will be served. In addition to the official opening there will be entertainment including comedian Tommy Steine and the famous Norwegian duo Ylvis.

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